Monoi Oil Hair Treatments

Monoi Oil Treatments for Hair

Monoi Hair TreatmentTahitian people are known for their long, thick, lustrous hair and one of their secrets to keeping it healthy, shiny and enviable is Monoi de Tahiti Oil. Polynesian women and men use Monoi Oil on their hair regularly. Monoi de Tahiti Oil is a natural beauty product based on two unique ingredients, Tiare Tahiti (Gardenia Tahitensis) and refined Polynesian Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera). Monoi Oil is stabilized with Vitamin E and fragrance is usually added to create a variety of different types.

How to Use Sacred Monoi Oil as a Hair Serum

Step By Step Directions for Using Monoi de Tahiti Oil on Your Hair

• After showering, towel dry hair and then gently blow dry. Be careful not to rub it too vigorously so as not to damage the hair shafts.

• Put a few tiny drops of Monoi de Tahiti in your palm. If your hair is super long down your back, a little more is fine, but remember a little goes a long way.

• Rub this tiny amount of Monoi Oil into hands and streak it through the middle of your hair down to the ends. Avoid the scalp and hair by your face so it doesn’t get greasy. Basically where you would put conditioner on your hair. 

• Continue to style as usual. Your hair should be silky smooth and frizz-free!

Overnight Monoi Hair Treatment
After washing your hair, lightly blow dry. Take a few drops of Moana Beauty Monoi Oil and massage it into your hair. Comb through and leave on overnight. If you like, protect your bedlinens by placing a shower cap or other protective covering on your hair or a towel on your pillowcase.

At the Beach
Streak Moana Beauty Monoi Oil through dry hair with your fingers to protect from sun, wind, sea and sand.

Pre-Shampoo Hair Oil Treatment
Don't want to deal with leaving it on overnight? For centuries, Polynesian women have used Monoi Oil as a pre-shampoo hair treatment. As a hair oil, Monoi Oil helps repair and deep condition the hair. Pour a tiny amount in your hands and massage into your hair, avoiding the scalp. Leave in 20 minutes or so then shampoo out in the shower.

Treatment for Dry, Frizzy Ends
Living in Southwest Florida, my hair is perpetually frizzy. As in, 30 minutes after I use my flat iron, my hair is curling up and frizzing. I like to take a few drops (drops is key!) of Monoi Oil, rub it on my palms and lightly streak through my ends. Not only does it make my hair smell good, it helps keep them tame.

How Much to Use?
How much you use is entirely dependent on how thick your hair is, how long your hair is, how dry your hair is. I will say one thing, when it comes to putting oil in your hair: LESS IS MORE! Start out with less than you think you need and resist the urge to put too much! In my experience, a 1/4 teaspoon is enough for shoulder length hair, medium thickness, or about a dime sized amount. Remember, Tahitian women and even men have long hair that trails all the way down their back. It is generally coarse and thick. If your hair is like this, you can probably get away with a tablespoon of Monoi Oil for a treatment.


How Do You Identify Authentic Monoi de Tahiti Oil?

Monoi de Tahiti Appellation d'Origine"The list of ingredients on the packaging must contain the terms "Cocos nucifera" and "Gardenia tahitensis." The percentage of Monoi de Tahiti® used in the product formula must also be indicated on the label. In order to identify Monoi de Tahiti® more easily, some brands use the Appellation of Origin stamp - but this is not mandatory. Authentic Tahitian Monoi is made under the strict guidelines of its Appellation of Origin." Institut du Monoi.

Moana Beauty Monoi Oil

Our authentic Tahitian Monoi Oil is imported directly from one of the major laboratories in Tahiti that make Monoi. It is of the highest quality, and made according to the Appellation d'Origine. Moana Beauty Monoi Oil is available in seven different fragrances.