Our Fragrances

Tiare Tahiti flower, used to make Monoi de Tahiti OilMoana Beauty products are not only made of pure ingredients from Tahiti and Her Islands, they transport you there with the incredible fragrances of the most beautiful place on earth...Moana Beauty products are available in uniquely Tahitian scents. Each scent is inspired by and island of French Polynesia...

Tiare. The soft, tropical scent of Tahiti’s national flower and an iconic symbol of Tahiti, the Tahitian Gardenia. 
Island Inspiration: Tahiti

Beach. Sea, sand & sky meet on Bora Bora in this beachy scent, like lying on a white sand beach on a turquoise lagoon.
Island Inspiration: Bora Bora.

Coconut. An aromatic blend of sweet, Tahitian coconut is a blissful island vacation for the senses.
Island Inspiration: Huahine

Vanilla. The romantic and delicious fragrance of Tahitian vanilla, sweet, rich and smooth.
Island Inspiration: Taha'a

Lagoon. A spray of sea salt and crisp ozone with just a small sparkle of tropical fruits and flowers.
Island Inspiration: Rangiroa