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The latest - getting my Esthetician's License April 07 2014, 0 Comments

I've been AWOL from blogging for a while because I've been knee-deep in skin! For the last two months, I've been attending beauty school full-time to get my Esthetician's License and I'm almost done! So bear with me and I'll be right back to blog more about Monoi Oil and all of it's amazing uses for the body! In fact, I'm already figuring out new ways to use it on the face...

Monoi Oil Hair Treatment Regimen Update! February 04 2014, 4 Comments

So I continue to use Monoi Oil on my hair at least once a week in various ways and the main thing I am noticing is that my hair is very soft! Way softer than it should be for someone who hasn't had a cut in months. It's also shinier and a bit tamer than usual. Although that one is a bit harder to judge because we haven't had major humidity here in Florida lately. I did plan on re-launching a new Monoi Shampoo and Conditioner at the end of January, but I'm still making some tweaks so it's taking a bit longer. But I promise they will be worth the wait! Above is my hair the other day, outside. Nice grey, huh?


Monoi Oil Hair Treatment Regimen: Week 1 January 13 2014, 0 Comments

My hair, before Monoi Oil treatment

I’m in dire need of a haircut, but growing my hair long, so I’m always putting it off. In the meantime, I want my hair to be as healthy as possible, so enter Monoi Oil! This week, I started a hair treatment regimen with my own Moana Beauty Monoi de Tahiti Oil to help strengthen, smooth and condition my hair.

Here's what I'm doing:

1) I don't wash my hair every day, so I pick a night before I know I'm going to wash the next morning.

2) Before bed, at the bathroom sink, brush hair gently but thoroughly.

3) Pour a little bit of Monoi Oil into hands and rub it into palms. Use sparingly, you can always apply more if needed. Hair should NOT be dripping with oil, just enough so that it looks greasy/dirty.

4) Separate a handful of hair and starting from about the cheekbone down, start streaking the Monoi Oil through the hair in a downward motion. I usually separate hair into about 4 handfuls around the head, using more Monoi Oil as needed.

5) Concentrate a bit more onto the ends if needed, sparingly.

6) Go to bed! Use a hair covering or an old pillowcase that you don't care about to sleep on that night. IMPORTANT NOTE: To date, I have not had problem with Monoi Oil staining my sheets, but do this at your own risk to your linens!

7) In the morning, use a clarifying shampoo (shampoo once only, so as not to remove all of the nourishing oils) and light conditioner, then style as usual.

I'm doing this treatment once week and will report back my results after a month.

Happy New Year!